Quality Assurance

Traceability. All our farms and suppliers operate a track and trace system that allows us to identify and trace back any carton shipped anywhere in the world to a specific packing house and packer and a specific production block and harvesting crew.

Food Safety. The high levels of independent certification and the stringent standards required to achieve and maintain those certifications provide assurance of food safety and product hygiene

Environment. Many of our products are grown utilizing 100% Organic production methods, good for you, good for the environment, and good for the people and the fauna and flora that lives in and around our farms.

Good Agricultural Practices. our farms and suppliers are certified by GlobalGAP, a voluntary scheme that promotes and certifies the use the what are considered the best known agricultural practices for the farm, the consumer and the environment. GlobalGAP guidelines ensure a clean and safe working environment for all employees while eliminating the potential for contamination of food products.

GlobalGAP addresses the agricultural issues of site selection; adjacent land use; fertilizer usage; water sourcing and usage; pest control and pesticide monitoring; coldroom operations, and harvesting practices, including worker hygiene, packaging storage, field sanitation and product transportation. GlobalGAP sanitation practices mandate use of extensive sanitation equipment a meticulous cleaning schedule, minimizing human contact with fruit, and a strong emphasis on personal sanitation.

Beneficial Insects

Our growers use beneficial insects to control pests and stimulate healthy plant growth. They actively maintain Bumble Bees populations within the

Water Conservation

Most of our production is drip irrigated, a system which greatly reduces the water consumption of the farm. It also helps considerably in natural weed control, reducing or eliminating the need for biological or chemical control.